Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea Dive Sites

Norman Reef

One Of The More Famous Far North Dive Sites

Norman Reef LocationNorman Reef is rightly one of the most popular destinations in the Barrier Reef. There are several excellent dive sites each offering a different experience, all of them memorable. More practiced divers will enjoy testing themselves in the swimthroughs and caves where Giant Maori Wrasse are common, some up to 5ft in length. The reef as a whole is as idyllic as they come, even in an area that has been blessed by so much natural beauty. Access to sites always depends on visibility, weather and tides but with so many places to go you will very rarely be disappointed.

  • Coral Reef, Multiple Sites
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Maori Wrasse, Moray Eels, Giant Clams, Anemones
  • Mild to Moderate Currents
  • 15 to 25 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Norman Reef Map

Challenger Bay

Sheltered and Shallow. Ideal for Night Dives

Challenger-Bay-LocationChallenger Bay contains another of the areas most beautiful coral gardens, a dazzling array of colours greets the eye at every turn. A whole dive could pass by in moments just gazing at the huge variety of corals. The sandy bottom hides Rays and Garden Eels. The lack of any real currents means that this site is rarely adversely affected by the weather. Nighttime brings a different adventure of equal excitement. There are Moray Eels, Stingrays, Giant Trevally and a whole host of other nocturnal life.

  • Hard Coral & Sandy Bay
  • Asssorted Hard Corals
  • Barracuda, Garden Eels, Moray Eels, Barramundi Cod
  • None to Slight Currents
  • 15 to 20 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Challenger Bay Map

Cod Hole

The World Famous Cod Hole

Cod Hole LocationThe fabulous coral gardens of Cod Hole make a dreamlike exploration for every diver. Situated between depths of 5-20M and with an average visibility of 30M the site demonstrates some of the very best that Australian diving has to offer. Giant Potato Cod are the main attraction, if conditions allow, the feeding show can be a fantastic experience. 'Shark Alley' lives up to its name and attracts many big fish connoisseurs. White Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks are always in the area for those who like to get up close

  • Coral Reef
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Potato Cod, White Tip Reef Shark, Sweet Lips
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 10 to 30 Meters Visibilty
  • All Level of Diver
Cod Hole Map

Fitzroy Island

Ideal for Couples & Families Snorkling & Diving

Fitzroy Island LocationFitzroy Island is partially covered in tropical rainforest, fringed with beautiful beaches and surrounded by coral reef. Situated just 45 minutes from Cairns the Island is an ideal dive/snorkeling holiday destination for couples and families. There are more than 10 dive sites to test all ranges of age and ability. All sites are a short boat ride away meaning more time in the water for everyone. Uniquely the island is as beautiful on land as it is underwater. Large schools of fish, stunning rock and coral formations and no wasted time between dives. Boats head out 3 times every day.

  • Assorted Dive Sites
  • Assorted Hard And Soft Corels
  • Bat Fish, Eagle Rays, Jacks and Coral trout.
  • Mild Currents
  • 15 To 25 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Fitzroy Island Map

Flynn Reef

A Very Popular Outer Reef Dive Site

Flynn Reef LocationFlynn Reef is one of the most popular reef dives and with good reason. All abilities of diver are catered for across a wide range of unique dive sites. Some of the best are Tracys Bommie, Gordons Mooring, Tennis Court and the Coral Gardens. These sites offer excellent wall dives, swimthroughs, overhangs and night diving. The sheer range of corals on view is extremely impressive, hard corals such as Staghorn, Table, Plate and Boulder Coral Heads as well as many species of soft coral. As you might expect these habitats are occupied with a diverse variety of marine life.

  • Reef
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Morey Eels, Barracuda
  • Mild Currents
  • 15 to 20 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Flynn Reef Map

Milln Reef

Another Great Night Dive Site

Milln Reef LocationMilln Reef offers a number of exciting dive sites such as Whale Bommie, Petaj, Swimming Pools I and II and the Three Sisters to name a few. At both Swimming Pool sites, you can expect to see schools of Diagonally Banded Sweetlips and Nudibranchs. There are some excellent wall and swimthrough sites in the area that also make fantastic night dives. Some of the walls are full of sleeping Parrot Fish still in their mucus sacks. Turtles, Barracudas and Bull Rays are often in the same areas. Whale Bommie is a perfect depth dive site with some places in excess of 20M. This is also a great site at night with sleeping Turtles, Reef Crabs and Painted Lobsters amongst numerous soft corals and Gorgonian Fans..

  • Reef
  • Assorted Corals
  • Sweetlips, Turtle, White Tip Reef Shark
  • Mild Currents
  • 15 to 20 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Milln Reef Map

Moore Reef

Ideal for Novices and Good for Snorkling

Moore Reef LocationWith depths reaching 12M, this is an ideal site for beginners but not without challenge for the more experienced. Snorkeling can be great here as well at some of the many pretty locations scattered around the reef. The Giant Clams are simply incredible with some up to 5ft across. Much of the reef is made up of pristine coral gardens amongst the best preserved in the area. Many days and hours can be lost here without wasting a single minute

  • Coral Reef, Rock Formations
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corels
  • Barracuda, Giant Clams
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 20 to 30 Metres Visibility
  • Ideal For Beginners
Moore Reef Map

Pellowe Reef

Spectacular Pelagics On A Deep Wall Dropoff

Pellowe Reef LocationPellowe Reef is a tremendous little dive site located close to the edge of the continental shelf. For this reason, access is dependent on tide and weather constraints. The reef drops away suddenly in places to depths of 30M, which allows stronger currents at times. The majority of the dives are between depths of 5-20M with a great wall dive and swimthrough. Large Pelagic Fish can be spotted close to the shelf along with the more regular Chevron Barracuda, Sea Cucumbers and Nudibranchs.

  • Reef
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Barracuda, Pelagic Fish, Nudibranchs
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 15 to 20 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Pellowe Reef Map

Saxon Reef

Closer to the Mainland - Good For Daytrips.

Saxon Reef LocationSaxon Reef is another of the more popular sites as there are many options available for different dive experiences. Close proximity to the mainland means traveling time can be kept to a minimum. There are some completely unspoiled coral gardens to be explored at your leisure with no two dives ever being the same. An ideal place for one-day excursions and as long as the weather stays fair, each trip could contain some wonderful memories. Turtles and Octopi can regularly be observed.

  • Coral Reef, Multiple Sites
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Pipefish, Lionfish, Moray Eels, Turtles
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 10 to 25 Meters Visiblity
  • All Levels of Diver
Saxon Reef Map

Steves Bommie

A Spectacular Pinnacle Rising From 35m

Steves Bommie LocationSteves Bommie is a single large pinnacle that starts from around 30M and grows to 5M from the surface. Trevally, Anthias, Snapper, Goatfish and Fusiliers can be observed in large schools surrounding the pinnacle. Macro photographers will think they are dreaming due to the abundance of Nudibranchs, Pipefish, Shrimp Anemones and Crabs. It has often been said that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World; it is places like this that prove it.

  • Large Pinnacle
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Big Eye Trevally, Anthias, Turtles
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 20 to 30 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Steves Bommie Map

Thetford Reef

Walls, Swim-throughs & Photo Opportunities. . .

Thetford Reef LocationThetford Reef consists of numerous coral bommies where you can experience some very exciting wall dives and swimthroughs. There is a great range of hard and soft corals like Staghorn and Plate, which are the natural habitat of some of Australia's most photogenic species of fish. Look for the Giant Clams, Butterfly Fish, Damsels and Angelfish. This is a great place for divers of all abilities but make sure there are some experienced people on the team; access to the dive site depends on the weather and tides.

  • Reef, Wall
  • Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
  • Giant Clams, Butterfly Fish, Damsels
  • Slight to Moderate Currents
  • 15 to 25 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Diver
Thetford Reef Map

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