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MV Spirit Of Freedom

Boat Specifications & Facilities

37m Length, 7.1m Beam 3 Double Cabins 6 Double / Twin Cabins
2 Quad Share Cabins All Cabins En-Suite Flat Screen TV's
Lounge & Bar Quality Cuisine Wine with Dinner
Fully Air-Conditioned On Board De-Salination Mon & Thur Departure

Spirit Of Freedom StateroomThe Spirit of Freedom is a fast luxury cruising monohull diving vessel. She was designed and built for long range trips and to maximise comfort by use of electronic stabilizers. Even the length of her hull was chosen to suit the most common sea states found in the Coral Sea. She is powered with two extremely powerful but low revving heavy duty diesel engines. This keeps both vibration and noise to a minimum for comfortable relaxed cruising. She is fully air conditioned with a tropical temperatures specification air conditioning system and has her own de-salination plant in addition to the 20,000 litres of fresh water she carries. This generates an extra 9,000 litres a day and ensures a continous supply of fresh water for showering.

She has a survey for 260 miles offshore range, which is enough to encompass the furthest Coral Sea Reefs & Islands. All in all Spirit Of Freedom is a spectacular high end comfortable luxury dive vessel. If you want a top quality boat to visit the far outer ribbon reefs and Cod Hole, complete with a spectacular low level flight over the reef then do not dismiss Spirit Of Freedom.

Spirit Of Freedom Trips

Spirit Of Freedom Cod Hole Itinerary
From AU$1650
Spirit Of Freedom 3 Day 3 Night Liveaboard Itinerary

Monday Departure, 11 Dives, Cairns City Transfers. Low Level Reef Flight.

Monday - 2 Dives On Monday at 11:00am you are transferred to Trinity Wharf, Cairns where you board Spirit Of Freedom. The crew welcome you on board with an orientation of the boat and show you your cabin. Deparure is 12:00 Noon. Lunch is served as you cruise to the first of the outer Great Barrier Reef dive sites.

At 3:00 pm you get your first taste of diving the outer reef followed by a twilight or night dive around 6:00pm. These first two dives are a perfect gentle introduction to diving on your trip. At 8:00 a quality chef prepared meal is served and you can relax for the evening as Spirit Of Freedom cruises overnight to the far Ribbon Reefs and Cod Hole.

Tuesday & Wednesday - 9 Dives You wake to be greeted by the most spectacular of the northern Ribbon Reefs, Number 9 & 10 Ribbon Reefs. Now the fun really takes a step up! Weather conditions, currents and tides dictate the Dive sites and sequence may vary, but you will always enjoy at least one dive at the Cod Hole, where you encounter the incredible huge size friendly Potato Cod. Other sites will likely include Challenger Bay, Two Towers, Wonder-wall, Pixie Pinnacle, The Snake Pit and Lighthouse Bommie. This is by no means a comprehensive list! Dynamite Pass is an excellent drift dive in the correct current, well know as a paradise for sharks to pass through. 4 to 5 dives will be available for you each day, including a night dive on the Tuesday. On Wednesday evening you will enjoy a relaxing overnight stay at Watson's Bay, Lizard Island and a superb sunset BBQ dinner on the top deck.

Thursday - Reef Flight - Lizard Island to Cairns Say farewell to Spirit Of Freedom after breakfast and enjoy a guided walk from Watson's Beach on Lizard Island to Mary Watson's cottage over Chinaman's Ridge to the air-strip. Here you will board a twin-engine light aircraft for your low level flight over the reef and / or along the coast back to Cairns. This beautiful one hour flight arrives at Hinterland Aviation, Cairns Airport around 11.15 to 11:30am, where you will be transferred back to your Cairns city hotel.

Spirit Of Freedom Coral Sea Itinerary
From AU$1,995
Spirit Of Freedome 4 Day 4 Night Liveaboard Itinerary

Thursday Departure, 15 Dives, Cairns City Transfers. Low Level Reef Flight.

Thursday - 2 Dives Thursday 07:30am you are transferred to Cairns Airport. Here you board a twin engine light aircraft for your spectacular low level flight over the reef to meet Spirit Of Freedom at Lizard Island.

The crew meet you with a tender upon your arrival and welcome you aboard. The morning is spent relaxing and cruising to Ribbon Reef 10. After lunch you do two dives at a superb choice of some of the best sites of the Ribbon Reefs including the Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie Gardens, The famous Cod Hole, Challenger Bay, and Pixie Pinnacle. After dinner is served you relax and cruise north-west overnight to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

Friday & Saturday - 9 Dives The Coral Sea and Osprey Reef is spectacular. You will spend 2 days here (weather permitting). Crystal clear water with visibility ranging 30 to 100 metres is common at Australia's Coral Sea reefs. These are truly some of the best dive sites in the world. Vertical walls laced with bright yellow soft corals, gorgonians and sea whips rise majestically from the ocean floor hundreds of meters below.

At the tip of Osprey Reef 'North Horn' is a dive site where silvertip sharks, grey reef sharks, and the occasional oceanic shark come to play, perfect for a close encounter shark attraction dive and some photography. Each day will offer 4 to 5 dives, including a night dive on the Friday. None will dissapoint. On Saturday evening you depart for an overnight cruise back to the Ribbon Reefs.

Sunday - 4 Dives You awake moored serenely at Ribbon Reef Number 3 or Bougainville Reef. Sites such as Temple of Doom, Flare Point and the superb Steve's Bommie greet you. Depending on the weather and sea conditions on this day you may alternatively have cruised to Bougainville Reef, known for its unusual underwater topography. Here caverns abound, along with a partially submerged wreck. Some very memorable dives will be had before departing on Sunday evening to cruise overnight back to Cairns.

Monday You arrive back at Cairns at about 06:30am and enjoy a light breakfast before being transferred back to your Cairns City Hotel at around 8:00am. We promise that although the trip was only 4 days the memories will last forever. . .

Spirit Of Freedom 7 Night Itinerary
From AU$3,395
Spirit Of Freedom 7 Day 7 Night Liveaboard Itinerary

Monday Departure, 26 Dives, Cairns City Transfers. Low Level Reef Flight.

This trip is the 3 Night Cod Hole trip plus the 4 Night Coral Sea trip joined together.

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