Terms & Conditions

Please read this page thoroughly before booking. This page details DIVE Deals standard Booking Terms & Conditions and notes important points you should be aware of prior to paying your deposit.

Prices & Price Promise:

Prices are quoted per person. Listed prices are Published Operator Rates and change outside of our control. We endeavor to keep prices up to date but please accept our apologies if all are not 100% correct. You will get a price from us the same or lower than the Published Operator Rate for your departure date. However, as rates change outside of our control we confirm all rates with operators before supplying you a firm quotation. Please Note: Because we book a lot of trips we can often offer you a price lower than you could get if booking direct.

Diver Certification:

Certified Divers please ensure you have your Certification Card and preferably your Diving Log Book also for your trip. If you have lost your Certification Card then please contact your certifying Dive Centre or Instructor or your Certification Agency (PADI, SSI, NAUI, BSAC, CMAS etc) and obtain a replacement prior to your trip.

Deposit Payment:

To book any trip we require a 20% to 30% deposit depending on the trip you are booking. This is payable via PayPal. You do not require money in a PayPal account to do this. You need virtually any Credit or Debit Card (PayPal accept many) and PayPal is used as the payment and exchange rate provider. This is far more convenient than bank transfers and is instant. It ensures your card details are secure, and you pay no bank transfer fees for your deposit. All deposits are non-refundable unless the operator cancels the trip and offers no replacement trip.


We strongly recommend you have Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance that covers Scuba Diving related incidents including evacuation costs. Although incidents are extremely rare they can be extremely expensive.

Fitness To Dive:

All Diving Operators will require you to sign a Medical Fitness to Dive Statement. In the majority of cases this is no issue. It is usually exactly the same document that you were required to sign when you were taught to dive or the same as you are required to sign on further education courses. If you know you have pre-existing medical conditions that require you to supply a Doctors Medical Certificate then it is your responsibility to arrange this and supply the required document(s) before the trip.

Flying After Diving:

Do not forget that SCUBA Diving requires a minimum surface interval before ascending to altitude or flying. It is your responsibility to schedule your flights / travel plans accordingly to ensure you stay within the limits of the currently recommended guidelines of your particular training agency.


The DIVE Deals Team.

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